Put simply, bike sourcing is you (the buyer) commissioning us (the seller) to locate, inspect, prepare and supply your next bike


1. We source you your perfect bike – you select the make, model, engine size colour, specification, age and
and your budget.

2. You save time – no more wasted journeys travelling miles to see bikes that are not as described.

3. We take great care in the selection process - undertaking all necessary checks including mileage, service, accident
    history etc.

4. You get peace of mind – all our bikes come with a minimum 30 days warranty.

5. Your bike comes with a clean bill of health – our 35 point pre-delivery inspection makes sure of this.

6. Unbiased and personal - we work for you, on your behalf. Our decisions are based on your requirements and made
    with your 
interests in mind.


1. We source the bike that matches your requirements.

2. We send you the following information:

- Detailed pictures of the bike.
- Detailed HPI report.
- A breakdown of the service history.
- MOT history
- Information on any imperfections / bad points


3. We charge a non-refundable delivery fee

4. We deliver the bike for you to inspect.

5. On inspection you have 2 options:


a) Purchase the bike in which case the outstanding balance will be due

b) If you wish not to purchase the bike, there is nothing more to pay.

We provide a professional, easy and stress free bike sourcing service.