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All our used motorcycles are supplied with a 30 day (unless otherwise stated) return to base, parts and labour warranty, excluding recovery, from the date of sale. Our warranty is not offered via a 3rd party company unlike many motorcycle dealers. This is mainly due to their claims policies having a maximum claim amount, an excess and a long authorisation lead time. 

All warranty claims are handle by us in a timely and competent manor. Our warranty does not cover any recovery or transportation charges incurred to return the motorcycle to us.
If the motorcycle is still in the manufacturers warranty period, the manufacturers warranty will take precedence over our warranty and will expire on the date set out by the manufacturer. Please see manufacturers warranty policy / terms & condition as their cover may differ from ours.
Our warranty covers the following components:

Cylinder block or barrels and crankcase assemblies (excluding cracks and porosity) crankshaft, crankshaft bearings, big end bearings, small/little end bearings, oil pump, con-rods, gudgeon pins, pistons, piston rings, cylinder bore (excluding cracks and porosity) cylinder head gasket, rocker shafts, rocker arms, camshafts and cam followers, camshaft bearings, push rods, inlet and exhaust valves, valve springs, valve guides, timing gears, flywheel (excluding overheating, reseating, de-coking, burnt, pitted and sticking valves).

Cooling System
Water pump, engine thermostat and housing (excluding hoses, belts and ancillaries).

Fuel System
Fuel lift pump (mechanical or electrical), petrol injection pump, carburettor.

Release (thrust) bearing, clutch plates, master and slave cylinders, clutch cable (excluding lack of lubrication, worn or burnt out plates, wear & tear).

Gears and gear clusters, selectors and shafts, selector drum, bushes, ball, roller and needle bearings.

Wheel Bearings
Front and rear wheel bearings.

Front Suspension
Head stock bearing and yokes (excluding pitting).

Rear Suspension
Springs, shock absorber(s) including remote reservoir (excluding pipes), swinging arm bearing and bushes.

Braking System
Brake master cylinder, calipers (excluding corroded, seized parts and wear & tear).

Electrical System
Alternator, voltage regulator, rectifier, starter motor, indicator relay, ignition coils (excluding external wires and terminals).
Our warranty does not cover any of the following:
• Regular maintenance i.e routine oil changes, MOT etc.
• Wear & tear items i.e tyres, brakes, fork seals, chain, sprocket, bulbs, seats etc.
• Body panel damage i.e dents, scratches, cracks etc
• Damage caused by improper care i.e skipping regular maintenance, reckless driving, etc.
• Damage from an accident i.e dents, scratches, cracks, chips etc
• Damage from environmental factors i.e tree sap, salt, sand, hail, wind, etc.
• Alterations or modifications i.e installing non-genuine or performance parts, tampering with engine, etc
Our warranties are non transferable, meaning the current owner of the motorbike can not transfer the warranty to the next owner.

How to Claim
All warranty repairs must be verified by ourselves prior to authorisation and in order to do this we will require the return of the motorcycle to our premises (at owners cost). In some cases the use of photographs, video or an independent professional may be requested in order to validate claims. Your warranty does not include any accidental damage. For further assistance please call us on 0203 633 9192.
Correct as of 2nd February 2020

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